Mind Mapping
During the brainstorming phase, we thought about how to use our found objects to create a controller that utilized different aspect of Adobe Photoshop CC.
Makey Makey
There are aspects of the Makey Makey that retained their original function for our controller, like Click and Cursor Directions. However, the pins on the keyboard side needed to be altered to function in Photoshop. We altered the Photoshop keyboard shortcuts so W, A, and S were recognized as I, B, and E respectively. 
Due to limitations with our version of the Makey Makey and not having the appropriate software to remap the keystrokes in Arduino, we had to resort to remapping the keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop instead.
Photoshop Remapping
We edited the keyboard shortcuts for W, A, and S to I, B, and E respectively. This was so we could have easier access to the eyedropper, brush, and eraser tools.
To access the keyboard shortcuts: Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Shortcuts for Tools. We simply swapped the shortcuts for the desired keys.
Coloring Book
Our assets include a free coloring book page converted to vector using image trace (for cleaner line art making digital coloring easier) as well as a set of chosen colors.
Coloring Page Licensing: Public Domain. Super Coloring, from Super Coloring.
User Testing
Students from Concept Studio came to test out the coloring page and corresponding controller we created.

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