Ali Cannon
I’m driven to create; With each project, I visualize how a mark will improve a brand or how interactivity can boost user engagement. I’m currently focusing on obtaining my bachelor’s degree in media arts with a concentration in graphic design with the ultimate goal of pursuing corporate identity. My experience at my internship, as well as freelancing, has provided me the skills not only to communicate with clients and collaborators but to present work they are excited to share.

My favorite aspect of design is planning and research. I enjoy fine tuning the semiotics and carefully choosing what should be included to best communicate a message. My careful planning, art direction, research, and collaboration serve to create cohesive, consistent designs. I incorporate my values of integrity and innovation in everything I do. It’s my belief that we all succeed when we advance the potential of others, and for that reason, I aim to use my work to give back to my community.

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